Gua Sha Massage

Gua Sha gua-sha-tools

The term “gua” means “scraping” or “to scrape”, and “sha” is the term used to describe the millet-like redness that may occur after the treatment that has been carried out.

Gua Sha is the name of the instrument that is used during the treatment. This therapy can be performed on its own or it can be used in conjunction with another form of massage. The most common scraping instrument that is used is a buffalo horn, which has a very smooth comb-like shape – without the teeth.

1.Treat stiffness, pain and immobility.

2. Relieve muscle tension and tendon injuries.

3.Treat heatstroke, sunstroke, dizziness, and chills.

4.Reduce fever

5.Treat common cold or influenza

6.Treat fatigue

7.Cure cough, asthma and bronchitis

8.Improve blood circulation

9.Cure headache

10.Resolves digestive disorders

11.Assist in food poisoning

The Process of Gua Sha Massage:
The technique used in Gua Sha massage is that the strokes made by the instrument go in a downward motion only. The instrument is drawn across the skin where an injury or imbalance is, and a distinctive reddening of the skin, known as “Sha”, is observed. This reddening is a good response and brings an immediate and lasting benefit of reducing inflammation, coldness, tightness, and pain from the superficial and deeper layers of the body. The treatment is used from the head down, starting at the neck before going to the chest, back, shoulders and arms, legs, and down to the ankles. The instrument is used more lightly on areas that are not as strong, and more heavily on areas that are stronger and thicker-skinned.

The therapy is not a painful one at all, as the reddening of the skin is simply the heat and toxins coming to the surface. However, the therapy should not be undertaken by people that are suffering from sunburn or that have excessive skin disorders.